Urban Skinny Jeans

Urban Skinny Jeans

Denim meets Cargo. This stunning street-smart badass cargo jeans is full of powerful style force that is hard to beat.


  • This expertly oil coating washed slim skinny jeans handsomely blends the practicality of cargo pants with timeless rockstar look of black denim, which creates a striking unique look and fashion-forward edgeness.
  • The lustrously wax coated shield creates a manish charm and the outstanding multi-pocket detailing makes it super versatile and equally outstanding.
  • With the help of top class Japanese spandex denim fabric and high-tech pattern, it results in a trim and comfy body-hugging slim cut without restricting movements and durability is absolutely guaranteed.


It's hip,unique, style-bursting, versatile and easy to care. It's time to make people raise their eyebrows.
No other bottom will compensate you for the look of this powerful avant-garde jeans.

149.99 USD